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The K-9 Obdience Training Club (K-9 OTC) is a member of the AKC.  There is no individual AKC Membership.  K-9 OTC is run totally by member volunteers and we always welcome new members.

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Why become a member?

In addition to bi-monthly meetings, K-9 members are involved in many different activities throughout the year. We hold match shows and two licensed Obedience and Rally Trials each year.  Also, members benefit from lower training fees and often participate in community outreach, usually involving obedience demonstrations.  There are also fun events and parties, where we present members with special awards for titles they have earned during the year.

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How do I become a member?

In order to become a member of K-9 OTC, you must:

  • Attend 2 six-week training sessions to determine if we are the right club for you

  • Be an active participant in Club functions (e.g., volunteering at trials and matches, attending general meetings)

  • Be sponsored by two current members of K-9 OTC who are not related to you.

  • Pay the annual dues of $45.

Your application must be approved by the Board of Directors and then by the General Membership

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Officers and Directors

Diane Kramer – President

Mary Gallagher – Vice President

Joni Primas – Treasurer

Deborah Gabry – Secretary

Board Member Class of 2024 - Linda Cane

Board Member Class of 2024 - Rudy Fermo

Board Member Class of 2025 - Cathie Longendyck

Board Member Class of 2025 - Melody Lugo


Other Club Representatives

Delegate to the AKC - Dave Morgan

Delegate to the New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs – Deborah Muir and Rudy Fermo

Training Director - Joni Primas

January Trial Chair – Joanne Kent

June Trial Chair – Melody Lugo

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