K-9 Obedience Training Club of Essex County, NJ

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2013 Obedience and Rally Trial

We held our 2013 dog Obedience Trial at Verona High School on Sunday, January 13th, 2013There was also a Rally Trail, which is an entry-level competition that is attracting more enthusiasts to the field of dog obedience.

Entries were:

          Obedience Beginners Novice A - 6
          Obedience Beginners Novice B - 10

          Obedience Novice A - 11
          Obedience Novice B - 14
          Obedience Graduate Novice - 8
          Obedience Open A - 26
          Obedience Open B - 28
            Obedience Graduate Open - 8
          Obedience Utility A - 19
          Obedience Utility B - 28
               Total Obedience - 158

          Rally Novice A - 7
          Rally Novice B - 13
          Rally Advanced A - 8
          Rally Advanced B - 12
          Rally Excellent A - 1
          Rally Excellent B - 11

               Total Rally - 52

Our White Dog Sale offered various dog-themed items for sale.  Several large gift baskets were raffled off.


Beginner Novice A - Catharine Thompson

Beginner Novice B - Marilou McCloskey

Novice A & B - Frank Washabaugh

Graduate Novice -Edward Whitney

Open A - Edward Whitney

Open B - Marilou McCloskey

Graduate Open - Larry Wilson

Utility A - Larry Wilson

Utility B - Catharine Thompson

Rally - Lynda Moore

Volunteer stewards from the membership of K-9 OTC are supplemented by volunteers from the Obedience Stewards Club, whose assistance is greatly appreciated.


In addition to Rosettes, Ribbons and Special Class Prizes, K-9 Obedience Training Club provided:

  •  Medal to all dogs that earn the third leg on any Obedience or Rally Title or that complete the requirements for an Obedience or Rally Championship at this show.
  • The first four places in each class receive a drinking glass bearing the logo of the K-9 Obedience Training Club.


High in Trial

OTCH GOLDSEEKERS GAMBLING MAN; Golden Retriever; Owner – Betsy Scapicchio

High Combined (Open B and Utility B)

OTCH GOLDSEEKERS GAMBLING MAN; Golden Retriever; Owner – Betsy Scapicchio


Novice A

First - CHLOE WILD CHILD; Mixed Breed; Owner - Nancy Nelson          

Second - WILDOAK CIDER; Shetland Sheepdog; Owner - Lillian Ralston

Third - WILDOAK BUSTE II; Shetland Sheepdog; Owner - Lillian Ralston

Fourth - MCFALL'S PRINCE BOOMERANG; Newfoundland; Owner -James & Rosemary Reed

Novice B

First - LITTLE MISS FIRE AND BRIMSTONE; American Eskimo; Owner – Jacqueline Squeglia

Second - BUSY B's I LIKE TO MOVE IT; Apinone Italiano; Owner –Jennifer Ingram Ross

Third - BLUE MAJIC'S SEEING RED; Poodle; Owner –Luann Curry

Fourth - BELLATHATCH ELHID'SPLAIN FANE; Labrador Retriever; Owner –Susan Robbins

Beginner Novice A

First - DEUCE VOM BUCHONIA; German Shepherd; Owner – Irene Gibbons

Second - TOLOUSE BISCAY'S SAPPHIRE; Mixed Breed; Owner –Tracey & Martin Schnabel

Third - BELLA OF RABBIT RUN; Labrador Retriever; Owner – Irene Gibbons

Fourth - JAKKIE JAKIRA GRYDER; Shetland Sheepdog; Owner –Shana Grydor

Beginner Novice B

First - HIGH TIMES JERSEY GIRL; Golden Retriever; Owner – Kathryn Pugh

Second - CH CHANTRYILE GOSSIP GIRL; Belgian Tervuren; Owner –Pamela Blackstone

Third - HARRY; Cane Corso; Owner –Lois Kaufmann

Fourth - KALI'S LIL WYNTER HOT SHOT; Border Collie; Owner – Marcia & Eugene German

Graduate Novice

First - SPRUCE MEADOW'S SILVER CHARM; Smooth Collie; Owner – Helmut Schleith

Open A

First - AFATU SAGANS LEGACY; German Shepherd; Owner –Kristine Conway

Second - VON SONTAUSEN HOLY GRAIL; German Shepherd; Owner –Regina & David Steiner

Third - WINDSONG'S FEMME FATALE; Lab Retriever; Owner – Annette Flippen & Jeff Pierce

Fourth - CARA'S TAMARISK; Doberman Pinscher; Owner – David & Rona Marks

Open B

First - OTCH GOLDSEEKERS GAMBLING MAN; Golden Retriever; Owner – Betsy Scapicchio

Second - OTCH JADE MIST RUSTLING BREEZE; Shetland Sheepdog; Owner –Anna Guglielmo

Third - OTCH TANBARKS SARANADE IN GOLD'N BLU; Golden Retriever; Owner –Robert Amen

Fourth - HIDDEN VALLEY BLACK TY AFFAIR; Border Collie; Owner – Ann Marie Scripko

Graduate Open

First - STAATS CHRISSY; German Shorthaired Pointer; Owner – Dorothy Staats

Second - COPPERSTAR'S SERENITY TWO; Golden Retriever; Owner –Yvette Graeber

Utility A

First - MASKOVA'S THUNDER RIDGER; Shetland Sheepdog; Owner – Barbara Langdo

Second - CREEKVIEW KYNA OF SUNFIRE'S CHALLA; Gold Retriever; Owner–Gretchen Souther

Utility B

First - OTCH GOLDSEEKERS GAMBLING MAN; Golden Retriever; Owner – Betsy Scapicchio

Second - OTCH BREAKOUT'S REV EM UP; Border Collie; Owner – Betsy Scapicchio

Third - FIRESIDE'S LIT'L BIT OF JAZZ; Golden Retriever; Owner - Ken Manowiecki

Fourth - BOUNCE; Pomeranian; Owner – Debra Masino



Novice A

First - AMTEKEL'S RED MOON; Dachshund; Owner – Geri Lake

Second - LB; Australian Cattle Dog; Owner – Bo & Mary Ellen Yaremko

Third - WILDOAK CIDER; Shetland Sheepdog; Owner – Lillian Ralston

Fourth - UNIQUE PRINCE WILLIAM ALEX; Poodle; Owner – Joy Scally

Novice B

First - LITTLE MISS DAISY MAY; Mixed Breed; Owner – Sarah Stamets

Second - GCH SILVERCREEK GOSSIP GIRL; Chesapeake Bay Retriever; Owner –Joanne Silver

Third - KERIGOLD'S GOLDEN HURRICANE OF FIREMARK; Golden Retriever; Owner –Harry & Carol Wert

Fourth - CH LAKOPAC'S KINGUTAKKII; Alaskan Malamute; Owner – Patricia Bryce

Advanced A

First - CHANCERY'S EMBER; Belgian Sheepdog; Owner – Mary Olin

Second - CH CHANTRYILE GOSSIP GIRL; Belgian Tervuren; Owner – Pamela Blackstone

Third - LIVE OAKS BEE THAT AS IT MAE; Golden Retriever; Owner – Pamela Benfield & Stephen Brenner

Advanced B

First - ADALINA VON AMBERHAUS; Doberman Pinscher; Owner – Kristin & Richard Woodard

Second - DOOGIE; Shetland Sheepdog; Owner - Richard Tucker

Third - CH CEDAR FOG'S HIGH WATER MARK; Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever; Owner – Anne Wheeler & Elizabeth Fogg

Fourth - SANDY'S SEASIDE SAPPHIRE; Boston Terrier; Owner – Sandra & Nicholas Fedoroff

Excellent A

First - MORNINGSTAR'S ZAPPED BY THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER; Belgian Sheepdog; Owner – Jennifer Basile

Excellent B

First - ADALINA VON AMBERHAUS; Doberman Pinscher; Owner – Kristin & Richard Woodard

Second - LUCKY; Miniature Poodle; Owner – Patricia Brown & Dolores Watkins

Third - RUMRAISIN MISGUIDED ANGEL; Irish Setter; Owner – E. Kwaitkowski & Debra Hamilton & Mark Bettis

Fourth - SUNJAYS WHO'S ON FIRST; Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Owner – Kim Aylward


View photos taken by our Trial Photographer, Stan Rogacki, here